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The comprehensive IGNITOR songlist 2003-2020. Most of these songs are still available on our Merch & Records pages, including a few limited Brazilian editions of our debut CD Take to the Sky. 

  1. A Lesson in Violence
  2. Angels Descend
  3. Beast in Black
  4. Broken Glass
  5. Castle in the Clouds
  6. Countess Apollyon
  7. Deathrider
  8. Demon Slayer
  9. Dynasty of Darkness
  10. Evil Calling
  11. Execution
  12. Execution Without Trial
  13. Fast as a Shark
  14. Freewheel Burning
  15. God of Vengeance
  16. Hatchet (The Ballad of Victor Crowley)
  17. Haunted by Rock & Roll
  18. Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown
  19. Heavy Metal Holocaust
  20. Hell Bent for Leather
  21. Hell Shall Be Your Home
  22. Highway Star
  23. Hung Drawn and Quartered
  24. Hymn of Erin
  25. I Never Knew
  26. Into the Coven
  27. Island of the Damned
  28. Lean Mean Leather Machine
  29. Leather Forever
  30. Let the Games Begin
  31. Magnum Opus
  32. March to the Guillotine
  33. My Heart Turns to Dust
  34. No Sanctuary
  35. Nomad
  36. Phoenix
  37. Raiders of the Void
  38. Reinheitsgebot
  39. Road of Bones
  40. Rune of Power
  41. Scarlet Enigma
  42. Secrets of the Ram
  43. Steel Flesh Bone
  44. Stoned at the Acropolis
  45. Take to the Sky
  46. The Golden Age of Black Magick
  47. The Grey Ghost
  48. The Hellion/Electric Eye
  49. The Kaiser
  50. The Last King Tiger
  51. The Spider Queen
  52. Throw Them From the Cliff
  53. To Brave the War
  54. Tonight We Ride
  55. Violence and Force
  56. We Are Ignitor
  57. What Love Denies
  58. Wings of a Blackheart
  59. Witching Hour



The remastered version of our classic 2013 release “Mixtape ‘85” is available on CD again!  We have been including it in our box set but now it’s available separately too for just $5.  Includes the smash '80s hits “Deathrider” and “Fast as a Shark” and “Into the Coven” among others. Get yours now on our Merch page.