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We at Metal on Metal Records are proud to announce the co-operation with the Texas metal masters, IGNITOR, featuring veterans of the scene known from bands like AGONY COLUMN, WATCHTOWER, DANGEROUS TOYS, HOWLING SYCAMORE and many others. Their name should be already familiar to most heavy and US power metal fans as the band was formed back in 2003 and have released six albums so far through European and US labels. Earlier this year, they finished the work their seventh full-length "The Golden Age of Black Magick", which is the living proof they still have it in them like almost 2 decades ago. Fronted by Jason McMaster whose distinct and aggressive vocals perfectly complement the music, the band offers high-energy, intensely passionate metal anthems harkening back to the glory days of unrelenting fist-pumping heavy metal that will certainly please fans of ATTACKER, DIO, RIOT, SKULLVIEW, ASKA, CAGE, RAINBOW, IRON MAIDEN, JAG PANZER and the like.

The band's guitarist and founding member Stuart "Batlord" Laurence created a video clip for the album's title track which you can watch on our YouTube channel or below. "The Golden Age of Black Magick" is slated for the release on October 31st on CD, Bandcamp and on all relevant digital platforms. We will reveal three more new songs in ten days, when we'll start the pre-order.