June 22, 2019
Come and Take It Live



Greetings flame keepers! We're looking forward to our big show coming up on June 22 at Come and Take It Live in Austin. The Texas heat is on and school's out - it's time to celebrate and we're kicking it off with a contest!

PART 1: Name a favorite song from every Ignitor album released since 2004, including the name of the album and the year it was released.

PART 2: Name one song from an album by each band member's previous or current other bands, including the member's name, the band, the album, and year it was released.

The first person to send the correct answers to ignitor_band@hotmail.com wins this Holy Mother Lode of Metal Swag. (not all prizes shown in picture below)  


We go on at 10:30 PM.  



Logo patches are here!  Go to our merch page and get your denim on!



Happy New Year!  Ignitor is in the middle of recording our seventh album, to be released in 2019.  You can still get our latest album "Haunted by Rock and Roll" here.  We also have new HBRR t-shirts available here on our merch page.


World premiere of our official video for "HATCHET (the Ballad of Victor Crowley)" from Haunted by Rock and Roll.

What they're saying about Haunted By Rock and Roll:


“Primitive, primal, down to earth and anthem-oriented for the studs and leather-clad hordes, Ignitor fuse the best of American, British, and German heavy metal from the first half of the 1980’s and spit out songs that shine.”  [8.5/10]

 – Dead Rhetoric


“If you grew up during the early 80s when records by Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Kiss would sit comfortably alongside those of Iron Maiden, Accept and Anthrax, then “Haunted By Rock & Roll” will indeed have you in headbanger heaven.”

 – Battle Helm


“Pure genuine Heavy / Power Metal” [4/5]

– Metalunderground.at


“Haunted by Rock & roll offers us nine tracks of pure Heavy Metal, strongly influenced by the NWOBHM.” [8/10]

– Soil Chronicles


“Haunted by Rock’n Roll is a great piece of old-school speed metal.”

 – Rock Castle Franken


“Reminds us that Heavy Metal is supposed to be high energy, fun music and these guys do it well in the modern day.”

– Glistening Metal