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Available Now - "Ignitor - Live...Before the Plague." 


We started off 2020 with all guns blazing. Our new album The Golden Age of Black Magick was slated to be unveiled at the Keep it True Metal Fest in Germany in April. Well, COVID 19 had other plans, but so did we. Our one and only 2020 show in January was recorded in Austin, Texas at Kick Butt Coffee, and it was such a good take that we decided to release it as our first live album.


We are extremely proud of the bonus track included on this release. It includes a studio-recorded cover song of "Virgin Killer" by the Scorpions, which was originally to be the final song on the new record "The Golden Age of Black Magick". We decided to hold off and use it for something special. Now it is time.


The Ignitor setlist was recorded for a local festival with many other bands, barely pre-Covid. The set includes songs taken from the latest release, as well as "Haunted by Rock n Roll", " The Spider Queen," and "Year of the Metal Tiger."


Track Listing for IGNITOR -live...Before the Plague.

1. Hell Shall Be Your Home

2. Raiders From the Void

3. Rune of Power

4. Heavy Metal Holocaust

5.Tonight, We Ride

6. Secrets of the Ram

7. Haunted by Rock n Roll

8. Virgin Killer (Studio recording) (Scorpions cover song)


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Fly so high, too tough to die, that’s where IGNITOR lands with their new album, "The Golden Age of Black Magick."


Happy New Year!  And what a year it was...a recent playlist from French radio program Tapage Nocturne


The new IGNITOR album “The Golden Age of Black Magick” lands at #2 for Unique High Fidelity’s Top 50 Metal Albums of 2020!

Wow, what a great end to the "year" - thanks and cheers everybody!



"With clear ideas and supported on the foundations of a solid career that is now approaching two decades of existence, IGNITOR return to the fray with a collection of solid, solvent themes that will surely not disappoint their followers" 






"Serves as an excellent example of why people make a fuss when this band releases an album."


"For me it might be the best US metal album of 2020. And that wasn't a bad year in that respect."